Types of care

Types of care

Abdomen Problem (Acidity/Diarrhea/Pain)

ENT (Throat pain, Nasal discharge)

Fever (Dengue Fever/Typhoid Fever)

Head & Neck (Headache, Neck pain)

Heart Problem (Hypertension, Palpitation)

Hormonal (Hypothyroidism, Diabetes)

Respiratory (Cough, Breathing difficulty)

Pain (Joint pain, Arthritic pain)

Sleep Disturbance

Skin Problems (Skin Infection)

Urinary Problems (Infection)

Others (Please describe)

Routine Examination for Male

Routine Examination for Woman

Senior Male Package

Senior Female Package

Diabetic Monthly Checkup (Test+Doctor)

Diabetic Quarterly Check Up (Test+Doctor)

Procedure - Cannula, Saline

Blood / Urine / Stool Collections Fee

Diabetes Check by Lab Blood Test

Diabetes Check by Blood Glucose Meter

S. Cortisol

Health Checkup - Starter Package

Health Checkup - Executive Package